Ivy-Ray Rail - Equipment Parts

Deisel Parts

Ivy-Ray Rail has a large selection of new and used parts for all makes of Rail Car Moving Equipment. From shifter levers to rebuilt axles and rail wheels! We have various parted out machines. If you require a smaller part, let us know, we probably have it! Some of the larger items we typically have available are:

Rail King

Rail King® Rail Axles - Remanufactured
Rail King® Coupler Assembly - Used
Rail King® John Deere Engine - Parts Engine
Rail King® Road Wheels - Good tread
Rail King® Electronic Shift Funk Transmission - Rebuilt


Trackmobile Hydraulic Cylinders - Remanufactured
Trackmobile 5 TM Transmissions - Used
Trackmobile 5 TM Rail Wheels - Refurbished
Trackmobile 5 TM Rail Axles - Used
Trackmobile 5 TM Road Wheels - Used
Trackmobile 5 TM Road Axles - Used

This is far from being a complete list. Call for more detail.