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Rotrac E4


Get Ready to go GREEN. "NEW" Mini Road/Rail Units. Yes, they are here.

  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Electronic and remote controlled.
  • Half the cost of a new brand name rail car mover.
  • Rated to move 5 cars. Rotec E2 and its big brother Rotec E4.
  • Ideal for indoor operation (No Exhaust fumes).
  • Readily acceptable for any outdoor volatile atmosphere.

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ROTRAC E2 & E4 are compact, extremely mobile and powerful state-of-the-art road/rail shunters. The E2 is designed for trailing loads up to 250 t. It's big brother, the E4, can handle loads up to 500 t.


  • Electric drive from large-scale series production
  • Recovery of energy
  • Boost function to ensure a high pull-away performance
  • Zero-emission
  • Turning on the spot

Rotac® Available Models (call for more details and/or quotes):

Adobe Acrobat FileRotrac E4 Brochure [4,900 kB]
—  Adobe Acrobat FileRotac E2 Brochure [5,000 kB]

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